Why We Forget Presentations

Have you ever sat through a presentation for an hour or so? We all have!

Did you ever fall asleep or forget what just happened? Yeah so have I!

But we can’t let our clients or referral partners do that!!!!


Here’s what makes a GREAT presentation:

Draw attention to what’s important! attention is not ATTENTION. When you drone on and on, reading each word of every slide, people start thinking what they will be eating for lunch… Solution? KICK THINGS UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Make your attendees think and challenge them!

Deviate from the same thing for important items! Get out of the box, use a different format, use less words, BE DIFFERENT. I attended a seminar for marketing while working for a credit union… And the instructor had us do group work at our tables for 10 minutes, but took the clock away. At the 10 minute mark, she flipped a table! Now I’m not saying go crazy and turn into King Kong, but make a difference! Create the memory!

Invite others to be part of an experience! Get participation out of your attendees. Create suspense and surprise. Let people guess what comes next or what the course of action should be. CHANGE THE DYNAMIC IN THE ROOM!

Enable others to process content deeply! We have all done it. We watch football! Say you watch Warren Sapp run full steam into Brett Favre. Favre goes down, and doesn’t move. Even the people at home watching on TV go dead silent. You’ll remember this. Aspire to create this sort of impact in your presentation. Challenge intellect, get pulses pumping, make participants use their brains.

Keep it short! Know when to wrap it up. Not every point in your presentation needs a monologue…

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